Everyday Something Fascinating

January 20th, 2010 by INMED



As I type this, it’s going through my head in a British accent, I’m around more Brits or people’s English is more British style than Americans, as one would expect! Tuesday, with the help of one of the other boarders at our house I made to work.  The clinic was nice. I hung out with one of the doctors, learned about stuff we only read about in the States.  I saw a really sad 14 month old with likely tracheomalacia and TB who sounded aweful.  he came back today with pneumonia and looked even worse.


Today began with us going to work with one of the doctors and us witnessing a pedestrian walking out in front of a boda driver and the driver taking nasty fall.  He got loaded up in the back of the car and taken to the clinic. He actually did okay and we determined that without any radiation (no head CT).  Then I saw lots of patients today, some much sicker than others .


Some random observations…no wonder it takes forever to get from point A to point B when in a city of 1.2million people more roads are unpaved than paved (and many of then with huge potholes or large ruts) and there’s no real traffic rules.  Again i am seeing that in a developing country, something simple like adequate roads can change peoples lives in more ways than imaginable. Also, I often take being able to drink water from the tap or eating uncooked vegetables at a restaurant for granted.