Las Vegas, Ghana

March 2nd, 2011 by INMED



Sheila and I went out to dinner last night with Rich and Samson (a nurse from the hospital). We walked all the way across town, or at least it felt like forever, until we got to this restaurant named Las Vegas. We all had some chicken and rice with a spicy sauce, and we had to use our flashlights to see what we were eating since it was getting pretty dark! But the food was delicious so I think we may go back there before we leave Nalerigu. Walking back to the BMC was also pretty interesting because there are motorcycles everywhere and they don’t really slow down for those who are walking!


Today was a crazy day at the clinic. We stopped at 6pm without getting through all the patients that had been checked in for that day. We just couldn’t get through them all. Afternoon rounds were pretty busy as we had filled the hospital again and we had a few procedures to do. By the time I got home a little after 8pm I was starving and I was grateful for the pizza and Coke that was waiting for us. Sheila and I are on call for the next few nights so I’m hoping they will nice and calm without too many calls. We’ll see what happens.


Quote of the day goes to Sheila for saying “what is that coming out of this boy’s testes?” Answer: “Sheila, it’s a girl” (talking about a new born baby girl we were doing a lumbar puncture on). It’s been really hot here lately and I am definitely feeling it. Tomorrow is a procedure day and we already have several lined up to do. I have a debridement of a foot injury, I&D on a child’s thigh, hydrocele, and congenital tooth extraction so we’ll see how those go.