Travelling to India

February 3rd, 2017 by Ashley Sweeney

I started my travels on January 29th and didn’t make it to my final destination until Feburary 2nd…granted a couple days in Delhi and Agra were thrown in there.



The flight from Dallas to Abu Dhabi was the longest I have ever been on. Fortunately, I had an empty seat next to me. On arrival to Delhi, all my luggage had made it (yay!) and I headed outside to wait for the driver to find me. Once he did, it was off to orientation at the EHA Central Office followed by some clothes shopping followed by a most sound night of sleep.


The next day I went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and Red Fort. The Taj Mahal is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The Red Fort is massive and has lots of interesting history.


The subsequent day I headed back to the airport for my flight to Guwahati. Arrival there was kind of scary because I did not know how I was supposed to find the driver who was meeting me. No matter though – I stuck out like a sore thumb and he quickly found me. After stopping at KFC (yes – you read that right!) and picking up some other hospital employees in Guwahati, we settled in for a five-hour drive to Tezpur.



I made to my final destination at last!