Two Weeks In

February 15th, 2017 by Ashley Sweeney

My second week started on radiology. Here the radiologist has to do the ultrasounds (as opposed to an ultrasound tech) and we did tons of them every day. I really enjoyed these days because I’m planning to go into radiology. Dr. P was good at teaching me about the findings we saw and about how to obtain the best images for diagnoses. I saw abdominal tuberculosis for the first time (and many more times after that).


On Sunday, we (one of the doctors and two of her friends and I) headed to the Kaziranga Orchid Park a couple hours away. The orchids weren’t quite in full bloom yet but the dalias were.


I spent one day in the ENT clinic. It’s a new specialty for the hospital and is a quickly-growing practice. I felt quite a few interesting thyroid nodules there.


The next day was travelling with the occupational therapy team. They travel to the community to provide in-clinic and in-home treatment for children with disabilities. We traveled to three homes where the OT staff taught everyone in the home how to help the child perform the strengthening exercises.