La Última Semana

March 1st, 2017 by Ashley Sweeney

When I was on pediatrics, I got to witness the first administration of surfactant to a premature baby ever at BCH hospital. It was amazing to watch the pressures needed for ventilation drop once the baby received it.


In OB-GYN clinic, I saw grade 3 pelvic organ prolapse in a patient who unfortunately had had issues with it for years. The labor room was full all day and there were three births while I was on service.


On Saturday, I gave my presentation on interventional radiology to the staff with a focus on US-only based procedures. They are having a staff radiologist join later this year and were interested in hearing about low-resource interventions. I also made chocolate chip cookies for the other residents of the hostel (pictured below). I’ve never cooked in a microwave convection oven before but they turned out alright.


The last two days I was in “casualty” AKA the emergency department. There I saw a patient who had been bitten by a cobra! It seemed to me that the vast majority of patients who presented to the department were admitted. So many came in incredibly ill.