Leprosy Clinic

April 24th, 2010 by INMED

I have had a few days to rest and adjust to the time change.  I met with Dr. John yesterday and the occupational therapist, Sam, about my work here and we have several ideas for a project.  Today, Saturday, I went to the
CHAD hospital to see the diabetes clinic and leprosy clinics. The hospital is open air with lots of people everywhere-and no AC. In patients have beds in wards with 4-5 other beds and there are always several expectant mothers and fathers walking the halls and waiting for new babies.


Today I will work on my “plan”.  The other American student, Jason, left yesterday  and many of the Indian students left yesterday on their summer break so it is very quiet today.  I am staying in an international student dormitory with a cafeteria attached.  So far, I have had all of my meals there.  You receive a round stainless steel tray and there are usually 2 pots of vegetables. At breakfast you get either a pancake like item or a puffy bread item and dip it in the vegetables that are on your plate.  No utensils are used, everything is eaten with your right hand.  At lunch and dinner there is rice and the 2 types of vegetables to add to the rice.  Also at lunch and dinner there is a small bowl of yogurt…that seems to help with calming the really spicy things.


Yesterday I took a short walk outside of the compound.  It is all so overwhelming with many people, cars, auto rickshaws, motorcycles, dogs and goats.  All are using the same streets and sidewalks with lots of horn blowing.  Of course, the heat doesn’t help.  I am wandering only in short doses until I used to things.  Today I am going to go in search of fruit… there were several stands outside of the gate.