“Jungle Orthopedics”

May 2nd, 2015 by Brittni McLam



Well it has been a warm few weeks. Contrary to popular opinion, it is important to drink lots of water, especially during pregnancy and afterwards. So we have been constantly talking with our patients about that. I am slowly getting more comfortable with moms and newborns in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.


The rest is dependent on the moment. Last week I had back to back patients that could not walk–one because a rock had dropped on his foot, the other some kind of hip pathology that we have not figured out. At 7yo she is a very sweet girl feeling much better after 5 days of high dose antibiotics and still a very nasty looking xray. I am finding myself wishing I could talk to them more. I have learned a few words but only really enough to greet someone and to count, and ask if it hurts here and to take a deep breath (on PE).


After cases like the above, I have spent some time reviewing a document entitled “Jungle orthopedics” written by an orthopedic surgeon who spent many years here, and is currently here for a few months training medics. Wonderful gentleman and great teacher too. We just celebrated his 80-something birthday. And though it feels more like a zoo than a jungle (at least in my humble opinion) the principles are put to good use!


I saw the afore-mentioned neonate as a follow up in clinic this week.  The answer to the case?  We never actually figured out what was going on.  The septic workup was negative, but the bilirubin went through the roof.  So he was in the hospital for nearly a week with elevated bili and no other cause. It happens. B