Non-Medical Thoughts In Bangladesh

May 18th, 2015 by Brittni McLam

melonsa herd


There is much that happens here that is only indirectly related to medicine. There are health education lessons being written regarding many different things.  There is a business providing employment for women that, among other things, makes uniforms and other items occasionally for the hospital.  There are agricultural projects seeking to both improve both the nutrition intake and provide income for many different people groups. Because health is more than just physical.


It is being well enough to work, as the Creator made us to do.  Having healthy relationships.  Meaningful employment.  Maybe even opportunities to learn (which in turn, contribute to life-affecting decisions, which can lead to improved health). As a hospital, much of what we do is solve the acute problem of illness, and create opportunities for positive health interventions through our outpatient clinic.  But for all of us just putting energy towards meeting immediate physical needs–though necessary–is perhaps somewhat unsatisfactory in the long run…