November 9th, 2014 by Dennis Salter

Today I went back to Emmanuel Congregation.  My friend Frank was with family in Sunyani so I went on my own!  It was great!  I really am becoming part Ghanian.  But isn’t that what God intends for us when we are in another culture/nation.  We are to become immersed in who they are.  I love this country and I know it is because Jesus loves them!  He hasn’t forgotten them, not by a long shot!


Now remember, this is Ghana, a third world country with most people having practically nothing.  But they understand truth better than anyone I have ever met.  They talked about how a true Christian can’t obtain an imperishable crown if they love money, if they have immorality in their lives, if they dress immodestly, if they have pride (these are the answers they gave in the study when asked the question).  They also talked about how we must have self control and discipline to live the Christian life.  And they stated that “the world has nothing for us”.


I don’t know if I am painting a great picture of what I heard and experienced.  But I am trying to portray that this church is the real deal, ready for what’s coming in trials and persecutions, ready to give up everything for God, ready to lay everything down!  I had to do some soul searching and ask myself….am I?  Are you?


Yup, the Ghana church of Jesus Christ is alive and well and growing and serious about what it means to call themselves Christian.  I saw that at the methodist church two weeks ago as well.  No doubt, I will see it next week also.  I have been invited to “Living Faith” church next Sunday, by Dr. Ben.  Dr. Ben is a doctor and pastor of his church.  An awesome man and I love talking to him.


Speaking of Dr. Ben.  He called me around 4:30 pm today and said he was doing a c section if I wanted to come to the theatre.  I jumped at the chance so I got to be part of a very difficult c section for a woman.  It was touch and go and the babies life was in jeopardy, but thank the Lord, the baby did revive and seems to be doing well.  The baby was in the oddest position and Dr. Ben couldn’t get the baby out at first.  All seems to be well now.  He told me he had never had one like this and was very concerned.  He talked about how he prays for God’s help all the time.  This is what your prayers do!  Thanks for praying, as I was, during this time.  You may never know all the things that happen because of what you pray.


The experience here just keeps getting richer and richer.  I am thankful!