Rhonda the Rat

November 12th, 2014 by Dennis Salter

Are you intrigued?  Yes folks, I came home from the hospital about 11:30 last night, turned on the light in my room and I saw Rhonda scurry from the top shelf and ran under my bed.  Now I like to share, but I was in no mood to share the night with Rhonda.  I made alot of noise and Rhonda ran out of my room, and I can’t say for sure where she ended up.  But I decided she wasn’t welcome.  I put a towel down in the space between the floor and my door before I went to bed.


The clinical experience keep getting to the heart of my studies….some dysentery, oxygen saturation around 70%, dehydration……  Let’s not forget malaria.  How could we!  It happens daily.  It seems many Ghanians expect a bout of malaria when it comes.  The sadness is that my little buddy who is four years old, appears to have glomerular nephritis as a result of malaria.  Fortunately, this isn’t the most common serious consequence but he is in for a long road without serious intervention.  Even people with mosquito nets say they don’t use them.  But of course, they are the solution in many cases of prevention.


Let’s top this all off with a scalp laceration, ruptured appendix, a couple of hernias, and treating diarrheal disease and dehydration.  All in a days work.


Serving here is my pleasure and my privilege.  I thank God everyday that I get to do this and that I get to give my life in medical missions/outreach.