Counting the Days

November 17th, 2014 by Dennis Salter

No, I am not counting the days as in I can hardly wait to leave.  Far from it!  I am counting the days because I am already sad to think I leave in two days.  I fly out to Accra on Wednesday morning and then fly out that night to London and eventually Chicago.


Sad because I have a new family and friends here!  Yesterday I was part of a fufu cookout!  Nothing like it and it is more than the food, it is the fellowhip and the relationships that come of this.  And age is clearly no barrier.  Most of the guys were in their 20s but it didn’t make any difference and I was definitely an honored guest and friend, but more than that, I was one of them.  For that there is no greater compliment.


My presentation went very well on Friday.  Almost forgot to blog about that!  It was attended by most of the staff and it was complete with projector for my powerpoints.  I even had a laser pointer to emphasize along the way.  The presentation was on Ebola and the latest information regarding the science, the spread and the precautions.  Ghana has committed money to Ebola Treatment Units to key regions and there is one not too far from Wenchi.


So, as the day of departure approaches, I am drinking every moment of the wonderful African culture that has taught me so much, embraced me, and received from me my expertise in emergency and critical care.  Sampson, the nurse manager and hospital matron, completed my evaluation today and gave it to me.  It was thoughtful and applicable to my service learning experience and objectives.


Ghana, I love you!