Back in Wisconsin

November 25th, 2014 by Dennis Salter

Well, sadly, I am back in Wisconsin.  Oh, it’s not that I am not grateful to see the love of my life, Bette.  She is an awesome woman and an awesome wife.  I love her!  But I would just as soon be with her back in Ghana!  I miss Ghana so much, it actually hurts.  I have shed some tears since leaving on November 20th.  It was terribly difficult to leave Frank at the airport.  He was so kind to escort me to Accra and then to the airport to see me off.  I love Frank as a son.  One of the hazards of the job of missions is that you leave much of your heart behind!  But your heart seems to enlarge so that you have something to give.


Prior to leaving, I was visited by Bernard Botwe and some other members of the hospital administrative team.  Bernard told me that I was an excellent INMED candidate and he had already communicated this with Cameron Gongwer.  Bernard was very complimentary of my contribution to Wenchi, including my presentation on Ebola.  I am grateful that I had such an excellent connection in Wenchi.


I will return to Ghana soon.  But first, I will be deploying on December 12th to Liberia as part of the team working in an Ebola Treatment Unit.  That is sure to  be another impacting mission.