Missing Ghana

November 30th, 2014 by Dennis Salter

It is a cold, white winter day here in Wisconsin.  But my heart is warm as I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving day with my family and friends.  And yes, I miss my Ghana family very much!  At times I weep for them.  I connect on viber with some of them and it puts a big smile on my face and joy in my heart.   I miss the warm weather and I miss the loving culture.  I miss seeing the children as they wait to go to school.  I miss Frank, Prince, Charles, Esther, and all the ER staff.  I miss Dr. Ben, Dr. Amponseh, and Dr. BB.  I miss Hawiyu and Frank, two awesome physician assistants.  I miss all of the beautiful staff – too numerous to name everyone – who day after day are taking care of the patients as they come to Wenchi Methodist Hospital, a hospital that is truly a lifeline for many.  Here are pictures that help me to hold Wenchi in my heart.


DSC03055  DSC03061