June 1st, 2007 by INMED

Namaste! (It means hello AND goodbye!) – I just wanted to let everybody know that I am in New Delhi, safe and sound. I am being well looked after by a pastor’s wife (Zarema) here. Last night and tonight I am at the YMCA (they’re everywhere) and it’s actually a very nice hostel. The next two nights I’ll spend at Zarema’s house, and then she’ll load me onto the train to Raxaul. She’s done very well so far at easing me into this chaotic culture, so well that it’s starting already to seem a bit less chaotic.


Life here is different in many ways, but at the root of it all we don’t seem so different after all. I saw my life flash before me in the taxi..several times..but alas, they really do seem to have driving insanely down to an art form. I went dress shopping today, a bit of an adventure in itself. The market is an interesting place. It’s full of color and life, but at the same time, you see many beggars and homeless people here.


On a happier note, I woke up to something much better than an alarm clock. At 5:00am it sounds like a tropical jungle outside. There was a man in the courtyard mocking one of the louder birds. I found it quite entertaining. So! Long story short, I am here and safe and already learning a lot. Thank you for your prayers…I’ll need them as long as there are taxis in this country 😉