Back In Delhi

July 7th, 2007 by INMED

The internet went down in the entire state of Bihar for nearly two weeks.  It just came up again now that I’m in Delhi.  I got to eat McDonald’s today. I took the girl that picked me up at the station for a feast.  The girl taking the order was laughing at us because I just kept ordering so much food. I’m so sick of rice. No more for a while.  You can only have so much rice and mangos.  Seriously.


Anyway, I’m safe in Delhi, staying at the YMCA again.  Some guy in the park proposed to me and started singing about how he loves me. Don’t worry Mom!  🙂  I already miss my new friends from the hospital.  They all took off work to see me off and Rimi came with me to the train station. I cried when she left. It’s been so long since I got to write home and so much happens every day that I don’t even know where to start to catch up. There’s one case that’s really been stuck in my head the past week. Pawa Kumar-botulism poisoning. They tried to send him to patna, but on the way, they didn’t use the ambu bag properly and had to turn around because he had a pneumothorax.  His eyes are opening now which is a good sign, but he’s still got such a poor prognosis and now a collapsed lung on top of it.  The staff is getting frustrated with the father b/c they keep explaining the poor prognosis to him and he won’t give up and keeps on them. It’s very sad. I finally got to see the father the other day.  He’s so sad and exhausted.  Of course he doesn’t want/can’t accept what they’re trying to tell him.  I’m exhausted from the train ride and the feast and the running away from the crazy man, so I’m going to get off here and go to my room and sleep like rip van winkle for awhile.