a day of teaching

August 27th, 2017 by jenniferolmstead

Today was wonderfully busy. I started off with a short time reading my bible before heading to the kitchen to teach maam how to make chocolate pancakes. I had to wait however as Deborah was practicing her bible verses. I later learned she had a bible test today and wanted to ensure she was prepared. She got all but one answer correct. This meant I was a little late to the hospital, about 9am today. Which thus meat I missed my first teaching time, which I was not required to be there today I just wanted to offer support for the student. I spent a little time with the students in the postnatal ward and then went looking for a quiet place to prepare for class.
I decided to wander into the physiotherapy office to see what happened in there. I ran into jasmine in the door way and we went to her office so I could review the diabetic plates the students had made for education purposes. They were quite good and jasmine took notes on what I recommended as changes. I learned that the one that I voted as best wins a prize so I made sure not to read the names to ensure no bias. I will review again Thursday.
My first class was at 11am. I taught adolescent health to the second-year nursing students. They will graduate in 1 month and then be assigned for 1 year before needing to search for jobs. Most are hoping to get closer to home.
I was able to catch up with the girls at lunch and see how their days were going. No one had much to report. Then off to mu next class at 1pm. This was the first-year nursing students. I taught about child health, adolescents health, and school care of a child. It was lots of fun and per the report I got from an instructor they all felt they learned from the time together. It’s difficult to walk in a teach when all I have is a topic and no available information. They all had books to look in but I had nothing. It’s a good thing I prayed lots as I prepared. I left the class in time for a birthday party I was invited to this morning. I felt bad that I had no gift as I brought one to the first birthday. The student was just happy I was able to come. Then straight from there into the next class. I was actually late for the birthday as I sat in the office waiting for them to arrive and ended up being called into the principal’s office to discuss the student education topics for tomorrow if they are able to go to the school. I taught about the cycle beads to the graduated nursing assistant and the community health aids. It was interesting and they did not ask as many questions as they first group. I am to teach this to all nursing student as well before I go, per Jasmine.
I had the greatest treat at the party today. I was even able to eat it. They had egg rolls, nothing like you think and mini rice cakes. The egg roll was like a very thin cooked egg that had fresh vegetables thinly sliced and rolled up inside with a slightly spicy sauce. Now the key is to hope and pray I am not sick tomorrow as I have just learned I have a big day. I’ll wait and tell you all about it after it happens. I got a ride home in an airconditioned vehicle at the end of the day. Been so long since I’ve been in air-conditioning I forgot how cold it can feel. My glasses got fogged up when I got out.
I’ve done the last bit of laundry that I’ll get done before I leave as it takes about two days to dry, sometimes three if it rains a lot. So, I may smell a bit when I arrive but I’ve done my best.