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August 27th, 2017 by jenniferolmstead

Woke up and had time for extra reading today. I am reading through the minor prophets. I was brought coffee again today while I was at the table reading, which was quite nice. I was trying to prepare for class and then I changed my plan anyway. Breakfast was a little late, we all just sat there and waited. It was rice pancakes, kinda. They make a really thin pancake, similar to a crepe, and then we dip it into a spicy peanut sauce. Its good when it’s not too spicy.
I decided to go back to pediatrics today as I feel I am able to do more there. They were happy to see me. I arrived just in time for rounds. After rounds I asked what I could do to help and was told to sit. I tried to protest and was told to rest as I would be put to work later when she finished what she was doing. I was. I got all the information for the discharges into the discharge book. Then Helen and Naomi came to give me a class on how to read chest x-rays. It was interesting and I feel like I learned a lot from that short class. As they were leaving Holly came up. She was not feeling well and wanted to try lunch, so I went with her even thought it was a bit early. She woke up with a toothache which had grown into a headache. I’m quite sure she had a long miserable day. She did have antibiotics to start this morning. It seems she has had several this year and the dentist is unable to identify why she is having so many when she had never had one before January.
After lunch, I read some charts and entertained a baby. It’s a little girl that had chicken pox. She made it through them alright however she has developed a severe secondary skin infection, quite common for kids with chickenpox even in the US. Her skin is black and peeling all over her head, face, and torso. Her arms and legs are covered in a pinpoint rash that has not yet opened. Anyway, I also helped with the med pass and wrote some of the shift notes.
I was invited to attend a birthday party after class today so I was quite looking forward going. I went to class and waited patiently as they were finishing up the Friday class that starts at 2pm every week. The principal was teaching and suggested having the party before class so she could participate. She had baked a cake and the other students had all pitched in to buy some little packaged cakes and a gift for her. The gift was a container for carrying lunch. She was very happy. I brought the cookies I picked up yesterday which everyone seemed to like and gave her the jars of jelly from home to share. She asked if they were for her or everyone. I said they were hers but she should let her friends taste them. She agreed and they all put some on the cookie things I had brought. When those were gone they just ate it out of the palm of their hands. It was a lot of fun. We all sang happy birthday. Then it was time to begin class. After my time studying today I changed the topic. I can do that as I’m the teacher. Only about half of the class seemed to really be engaged which is normal. I figure there the ones that understand and they will explain later. I saw the Irish girls and Holly walking by so I hollered for them to come in and wish a happy birthday. I’d say her name but to be honest I cannot spell or pronounce it. So, they came and sang, when it came time for her name they were silent as they didn’t know what it was. The whole class laughed and said it before finishing the song. Then they decided to share an Irish tradition. I had no idea what a bounce was so I told them to share it. I almost felt sorry for the girl. These very tall Irish girls pick her up by shoulders ad feet and carry her outside. The other two get on either side and support her backside. Then they began to throw her up into the air. One student took video while another took photos. Everyone laughed so hard. When back in the class I learned that the birthday girl almost messed herself as she thought they were going to throw her down the hill into the pond. They really do lack self-confidence. She had fun when she realized what they were doing. everyone enjoyed it and are thinking about adding an Irish tradition to their birthday celebrations. Then it was time to come home. I brought all the treats I received at the party home and shared with the girls.
It was a great day. The cooking class we were planning to attend was cancelled as the one expected to teach is gone for conference. Kinda hard to teach when you’re not here. So now I relax and read till bedtime. Not a bad idea.