last service

August 27th, 2017 by jenniferolmstead

This week is a week of final moments. It is also a time of great reflection for me. I’ll start at the beginning.
Today is Helens birthday so I got up and made chocolate pancakes as requested. Naomi asked me to make them as she enjoys them so much. Maam also made fresh bread. The girls were up very late last night so I let them sleep. After cooking I took time to eat with Deborah and chat with Maam. It was a nice relaxing morning. Deborah and I shared some of our favorite worship songs with each other. This was a lot of fun.
It got exciting when the others woke up. One bathroom had a spider about the size of my face hanging in it while the other had a frog in it. I had chosen not to do anything about either earlier but knew they needed to be addressed before they got up. I intended to ask Deborah to do this as I am not going to battle with a spider that bog. The girls got up earlier than expected and the fun began. You Holly is terrified of frogs and they could not bring themselves to use the bathroom and ignore the spider as I had. So, they grab the Birkenstocks and swing. The spider was stunned and fell to the floor but was not dead. Holy almost took the doors down trying to get out of the bathroom. I waited patiently on my bed ready to drop my net if needed. They did finally kill the spider. During this time, there was another spider about the size if my palm that we all thought was dead. I attempted to move it with my pen so no one stepped on it barefoot on accident. Well when I touched it uncurled its legs and that scared everyone so they killed it to. It was a spider morning.
When we got to church I enjoyed the service. It started with worship lead by the second-year nursing students who chose to all sing, they are great about providing moral support for each other. I’m glad the services are in English as I get much more out pf the. I found myself missing my church family at home today and am looking forward to seeing them again. Deborah sang a solo to today which I recorded. She really did a great ob. She has been practicing this week and took time to write the words this morning in case she forgot while up in front of everyone. Maam was the speaker and had a very encouraging message for everyone.
After church was nap time and them lunch. We were hoping to take Helen to see the elephants for her birthday today but it rained so hard that was not possible. After lunch, I read and little then decided another nap was sin order. I’ve become very rundown lately. Working six days a week is tiring and then not eating till 7;30 or 8 every evening means getting to bed late. I still get up early though so I think it has just finally caught up with me. So, I slept. When I woke up I spent some time reading. I have enjoyed having time to spend reading my Bible and in prayer.
My reading was interrupted to come view a spider. It was a tarantula wandering through the living room. I learned a little about it before it came to its end. While we discussed it, I learned a little about the ones the girls had killed earlier today as well. Seems the spider is quite dangerous. Good thing the girls didn’t know that before they went in.
We went to Bible study again this week. We discussed the 9th chapter of john. It is interesting to see what everyone pulls from the same section of verses and how each person’s view adds to the richness of what is read. The other girls here are going to lead next week, but I will be on my way home then.
We came home from Bible study to a special dinner for Helen. Her favorite curry with coconut rice. A truly wonderful meal. She was so happy she cried, she did a lot of that today.