lazy week turns crazy

August 27th, 2017 by jenniferolmstead

Morning started off like usual. Quite time then breakfast. I actually ate before the others as I walked into the kitchen and was ordered to do so. You don’t refuse when ordered to eat. So, then I sat with the others when they ate and chatted a bit.
We went to the hospital a little late today as I was planning on going to the clinic side, OPD (outpatient department), and it doesn’t start until 9am. I was able to say hello to a few people before then. I decided to sit with Dr Roshin as I have rounded with her and she speaks English I can understand. She explains things quite well. Understanding the role, I play as a nurse she explained patient conditions as they apply to the community and we discussed education that is needed. I told her about some of the education things I had discussed with the nursing instructors and she really liked them. She told me to make sure to get it started and someone to take responsibility before I leave. So, I got a hold of jasmine and told her. Next thing I knew was meeting students to begin the patient education and these students will follow up with the patients when they come for suture removal. That gives them an opportunity to track how well the education was not only received but understood as well. I was told to speak to the principal of the nursing school, not the same as the community nursing school, as she is a community nurse. So, by the end of the day I have four classes tomorrow, a field trip Wednesday and a meeting Friday afternoon. I’ve decided it’s a good thing I have already done my rotations as I don’t expect to get much learning done if I am doing that much teaching. I am loving it though. It’s just such a good feeling to feel like you are not only valued but that I have something to offer them after all that they have given me. Knowledge exchange rather than me just being a sponge and soaking things in only.
I got home and was very wound up as I was also invited to dinner tonight. So, I walked quickly and met with the others who were at home waiting. We then headed to market to pick up a few supplies. I wanted to make sure I went to day incase something comes up Thursday and I miss my last chance. I had a special gift to purchase.
We got back and I had about 10minutes till it was time to leave for dinner. It was a good thing I stopped to tell Deborah where I was going as I would have gone to the wrong house. You know me and directions, I would have gone in the completely wrong direction. However, thanks to her instructions and knocking a couple strange doors I found the right place. It was actually the first house where someone answered the door when I knocked. God is so amazing and it’s a really good thing that He is always looking out for me.
Dinner was good and I enjoyed the company. Made it home before dinner was served here and had to explain why I wasn’t eating to acka who knows about 10 words of English. She finally went and got maam to translate as she was so worried. It’s nice that they care so much about us.