August 27th, 2017 by jenniferolmstead

Today was a day to regroup and prepare for departure. I started off with extra time in my bible and some prayer time. I ate breakfast early. It was steamed rice biscuits with fresh made pear jam. Very tasty. I intended to go early but kept remembering the things I was forgetting. I did finally make it out the door and on my way. As I got ready to climb the hill a driver stopped and asked me to get in. he had a pretty full load but I got in and held on so as not to fall out. It was a nice gesture from the driver. It was a motor rickshaw.


I started my day in Denhing’s office. I showed her the report sheets I have made and transferred them to her computer. She felt they were good for what they are looking for an only made one change. It seems that the location of a wound needs to be passed along as they have a history of losing debrided wounds. Sounds strange I know but it has a history of happening as no one writes these things in the notes.


I then went to the lab for a while. This was quite educational. I was able to help with some draws, look at smears under the microscope, and assist with some quick tests including a few blood typing tests. They are quite difficult to differentiate sometimes.


I left the lab I time to meet Jasmine. We worked with a couple students to teach the concept of teach back using an erasable board. Actually, it was a plastic covered piece of paper, but it worked well. They struggled with the concept at first but seemed to catch on after a while.


Lunch was chicken today and some green stuff we could not identify, but it was so spicy. After lunch, I went to the first-year students to teach them about cycle beads and teach back. They took a little bit before they started asking questions but they seemed to take to the idea. The principle of the school really liked the idea and has plans to use it during the community portions of class as well. I was told that she was hoping I was staying a couple more weeks as they are preparing to do the annual assessments in the schools and she wanted me to come with and help. I told her how excited I would be at the prospect but my husband misses me so I need to go home. She agreed after a few comments about those husbands. We both laughed. She is married and her husband works at Makunda with her. On a side note, everyone here thinks I have a pretty incredible husband to not only allow me to come on mission trips but to support me in them.


After class, I headed home. It was almost 3 and I was tired. I got most of my packing done as I have a very busy day tomorrow. I was planning on taking the morning off to pack but learned early this morning that I have an 8:30am meeting, a 1pm class and a 2pm meeting. Then I have a 4pm appointment and cooking class at 6pm.


My last day in Makunda will be so busy I will not even have time to enjoy it. Tomorrow morning, I take a train to Agartala and then Delhi on Sunday and I’ll be at the airport Monday evening for my flight out of India.