Jan 31, 2016

February 3rd, 2016 by Kristen Allcorn-Killen



I love Sundays! We got up earlier than normal to round so that we could go to church. We finished rounds in record time. After rounds, I went to the church in TB village. It was great! The church was under a tree near the nurses’ head quarters at the TB village. They used three benches to form a “U” shape. I sat with the women and another volunteer sat with the men. We sang a few songs where there was a leader, then the rest of us repeated the same words after her/him. I didn’t know what I was saying, but the words, the rhythm, the drum, the rattles in the hands of dancing children was so pure, so simple, and so heart-felt. These people literally have almost nothing; they have TB and must live in this village to get treatment for 6-9 months. They have few possessions with them and do not see family much; yet, they continue to praise Jesus. I was humbled by their worship.


The preacher is also a primary school teacher. He preached on Daniel and chose a passage that involved people who are having feuds; he discussed how we are to love others and to resolve conflict. People who live in TB village are from several tribes around Nalerigu. Sometimes, that causes undo tension. There are also normal disagreements between neighbors (just like in the US). He was preaching to help us see the need for reconciliation before the end of times.


Afterwards, I took a much needed nap…as I’m always exhausted after a long week. I woke up refreshed and enjoyed lunch with the rest of the volunteers. Later, I played games and entertained some of the little missionary kids (I am convinced that babies and little ones cross my path to put a smile on my face!).