Feb 5, 2016

February 6th, 2016 by Kristen Allcorn-Killen



I’m so thankful for Friday! We are all so worn down from a hectic week and are looking forward to the weekend. We had rounds in the morning (busy as usual) followed by clinic (more busy than usual). It felt like we were working a Monday! I saw more patients than I can remember from severe hypoglycemia and alcohol withdrawal to leg infections to pregnancy issues to mysterious infectious diseases (fever without a source) to a kid with liver cancer (seriously so sad) to wound infections to arthritis to CHF to malaria to…the list continues! I was excited to finally have learned how to interpret an US of a fetus and will eagerly US any woman who needs it in the next week!


Clinic lasted until 6:30, which is long for clinic. I had one patient waiting on a urine pregnancy test, so I waited in the lab for it to finish; it was negative, so I gave her some medications for stomach bloating. The patient appreciated me staying late just for her. Afterwards, we were invited to a missionary’s home for dinner…veggie lasagna with green beans and salad…and APPLE PIE! It was all so good! I told them that Tyler would be jealous that I got homemade apple pie (it is his favorite!). The fellowship with that family and their sweet girls was the perfect end to a hectic and exhausting week.