It’s Not All Work – Angola Day 14

July 17th, 2011 by Nicholas Comninellis

Lubango Waterfall


Early this Sunday morning I visited the church that meets in the community just outside of town. The singing and message were both in Portuguese and Umbundo, the local language. I adore how the people clap and beat the drums and books and dishes to the rhythm of each song. Then, often we’re off for a hike into the gorgeous landscape of cliffs, ridges, ravines, waterfalls, and escarpments where the highlands fall off abruptly to low elevations that precede the extensive beaches. Yes, the local say there are snakes, but thank goodness I’ve never seen one. This weekend I also explored the city market. Imagine thousands of native Africans with hundreds of little shelters pack back to back, and throngs of people pressing around, bartering for clothing, food, jewelry, cement, Coca-Cola, cell phones, pillows. And while all of you ago home are suffering in 100 degree weather, here is just 70!