Nicholas Comninellis, INMED President & CEO, is potentially available for engagements. Dr. Comninellis’ most popular presentations include:


• Controversies In Short-Term Medical Missions
• The Unsung Power Of Applied Learning
• The Power Of Exemplary Role Models
• From Inspiration To Mobilization
• Tropical Medicine Case Studies
• Health Of YOU The Traveler
• Diseases of Poverty Update
• Cross-cultural Skills In Healthcare
• From Rescue To Resilience
• Serving The Forgotten
• Fighting The Diseases Of Poverty
• Health Through The Eyes Of Culture
• Health Leadership for Low-Resource Communities
• Low-Resource HIV Care
• Launching Your International Healthcare Career
• Tropical Fever Evaluation


View the videos and abstracts of these presentations at the INMED Speaker’s Bureau, and please contact INMED to explore these opportunities.