Shenyang – A Different Life

May 7th, 2016 by INMED



It’s hard to believe I have been in Shenyang for 4 days already. I feel like I have finally found my feet. I am determined to be brave and step out of my comfort zone a little more each day. This has forced me to engage more with others, despite the language and cultural differences. The first day or two it seemed that everyone outside of LIGHT was so busy and caught up in their own lives that they did not take note of other’s needs.


By the third day I discovered my first impression was far from the truth. I have been amazed at how kind and caring the people are here. People will stop on the street to ask if you need help or to offer a helping hand (several times I have witnessed people helping each other on the streets). I have been humbled by the work of the team here and awed at the intentionality with which they do things. First things remain first. The primary objective is always clear. And while my experience here is still very limited, I have seen brothers and sisters lay their lives down for one another. I am both convicted and encouraged- to live my own life counter to the culture in which I live in America. The details of what that will look like are still to unfold.