Would You Gamble With Your Life?

May 28th, 2021 by INMED
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Would you gamble with your life? Take a risk? Go all in? Put it all on the line? Make a heavy investment? Startling as this action sounds, the fact is that we all gamble with our lives. Every day we make decisions about how to use our time, our talents, and our treasures. The risks seldom appear so stark simply because we make small investments one-by-one. But over a period of months or years, the investment we make with our lives becomes a statement of our heart, our values, and our impact on the world.


Following 16 months of pandemic restrictions, we in the United States are enjoying a season of renewed freedom. What will we do with this freedom? In this context, the counsel of Christ in Luke chapter 12 is especially pertinent: Sell your possessions, and give to the needy. Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old, with a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


The gamble – the investment – is our choice. This summer, we at INMED invite you to join in opportunities to strengthen the world’s most vulnerable persons of whom Christ speaks. The Humanitarian Health Conference on June 11-12 will connect you with like-hearted professionals and service organizations, both domestic and international. INMED Training Sites in 25 nations work 24-7-365, and offer service-learning opportunities for you to contribute. INMED Academic Courses will equip you with the expertise to excel in serving those who reside in low-resource and cross-cultural communities. Such investments are a very good gamble!


Study At INMED This Summer!

May 22nd, 2021 by INMED
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What’s on your heart this summer? Advance your career? Explore the world? Serve the poorest? Consider studying at INMED! Summer courses can be à la cart, and can also credit towards the Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) or the Professional Diplomas in International Medicine (DIMPH), International Nursing (DINPH), or International Public Health (DIPH). View the full Academic Calendar!


New this summer is International Healthcare Ethics, taught by Scott Armistead of Virginia Commonwealth University and a veteran of 16 years of service in Pakistan. Says Dr. Armistead, “Healthcare as a profession has inherent underlying and sometimes inadequately examined ethical assumptions and questions related to what is the good. This course will examine Western ethical principles in the light of, and in comparison to, the international cultural context from which ethical decision-making occurs in an international context.”


On June 10, enjoy one-day, in-person courses in Kansas City in Ultrasound and Helping Babies Breathe (HBB). And please stay and be inspired the following day at the Humanitarian Health Conference in the same location. What’s on your heart this summer? Perhaps studying at INMED will accelerate your passions!




Ready To Unmask?

May 14th, 2021 by INMED
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Yesterday, the CDC announced that  people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer must wear a face mask when in proximity to others. This bold declaration is founded upon very recent research demonstrating that vaccinated persons are not only protected from the dangers of illness but also do not harbor or transmit the virus to others. What a welcome affirmation following fifteen months of painful precautions and diligent vaccine development!


Mask removal, however, is not simply a signal to return to life as before. This pandemic experience has brought into sharp focus the plight of those who are poor and marginalized. We need only look at the grave COVID-19 health crises unfolding this week in Brazil, India, and SE Asia: people without oxygen, transportation, medication, or even the most elementary medical care. As we peel off our physical masks, we do well to consciously unmask the deep, altruistic desire within ourselves to take action on behalf of people like these.


Where can you start? How do you find like hearted colleagues? Whom are trusted organizations with whom you can partner? INMED is gathering all these together four weeks from today, June 11-12, at the Humanitarian Health Conference. Preview the exemplary presenters and the Conference Trailer. Login or come in-person to the event Kansas City. Mark your physical unmasking with the unmasking of your most virtuous desires to aid those still in danger.

Are You Contagious?

May 6th, 2021 by INMED
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Are you infected?…feverish?…coughing?…contagious? As we increasingly venture out into public spaces, we do so realizing the risks of becoming infected from another person who is contagious with Covid-19, influenza, tuberculosis, measles, even anthrax. Hence, we take proven-effective precautions to protect ourselves, and to prevent becoming ill and contagious towards others.


But most people – thank goodness – do not harbor lethal, contagious microorganisms. Some people even harbor virtues from which we benefit by being exposed: expertise, compassion, bravery, endurance. INMED is assembling just such individuals on June 11-12 at the Humanitarian Health Conference: Martha Baird – specialist in refugee mental health, Jordan Crawford – urban family medicine expert , Winston Manimtim – newborn resuscitation authority, Monica Rojas – organizer of free health clinics in central America.


Encounter expertise and compassion by joining in the Humanitarian Health Conference in-person in Kansas City or by logging into the virtual event. Benefit from the influence of such outstanding role models. You will experience encouragement; maybe a vision for the next season of your career. And, toward your colleagues and friends, your influence might even become contagious!


What Could Be Better Than Delivering Newborns?

April 23rd, 2021 by INMED
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This bright smile is myself in Honduras some years ago. I’ve just guided a newborn into the world. Since then, I’ve enjoyed the same privilege in Angola, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Fort Worth, and KC. What could be better?


Even better is the Humanitarian Health Conference! Why? Because this inspiring event launches many more talented healthcare professionals into caring for our worlds most vulnerable, especially pregnant women and newborns.


This year, take advantage of one-day, pre-conference, in-person courses on June 10th in Helping Babies Breathe (newborn resuscitation), and Advanced Mother Baby Outcomes (managing OB complications). Then, stay on for the main Humanitarian Health Conference event on June 11-12 with breakout sessions in diseases of poverty and compassionate healthcare, plus connecting with organizations with whom you can serve.


What could possibly be better than delivering newborns? Witnessing our colleagues with bright smiles engaging in excellent and compassionate care!


Find Love – And More – At The Humanitarian Health Conference

April 16th, 2021 by INMED
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“Look for love in all the right places!” This timeless dating advice means hanging out in venues that attract people with your values and ambitions. Introducing Nathaniel Uhl and Lana Borden, both single nurses in Kansas City with parallel vision. Lana went to Mushili Health Center in Zambia for INMED Service-Learning. Meanwhile, Nathaniel was only a few months behind, earning the INMED Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health, and training also in Zambia. But Lana and Nathaniel had never even heard of one another – that is, not until they met in person at the Humanitarian Health Conference.


Bring together and encouraging like-hearted people – that’s what happens at the Humanitarian Health Conference. On June 11-12, join virtually or come in-person to Kansas City for this 16th annual event. Come one day earlier and take advantage of full-day courses in UltrasoundHelping Babies Breathe (HBB), and Advanced Mother Baby Outcomes (AMBO). Whether you’re looking for global health insights, a service organization, or even more, this special venue is one of the right places!


Jimmy Dodd Will Launch the Humanitarian Health Conference!

April 9th, 2021 by INMED
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Jimmy Dodd is a master launch engineer. As Chairman at Cross International, he’s catapulted the organization to serving the world’s most impoverished and at-risk people – guiding Cross’ comprehensive approach to augmenting physical, social, education, medical, and even spiritual wellbeing. In this pursuit, Jimmy Dodd has so far invested in more than 125 journeys to instruct leaders in historically underserved areas with the vision of healing whole communities.


Jimmy Dodd also launched PastorServe – after 20 years of serving as a pastor himself – to coach church leaders through the unique challenges of their vocation. A graduate of Wheaton College and Gordon Conwell Seminary, Jimmy Dodd is also an accomplished communicator and author of Survive or Thrive and Pastors are People Too.


Join INMED in welcoming Jimmy Dodd to launch the Humanitarian Health Conference! On June 11, 9am Central Time – whether online or in-person in Kansas City – you may become inspired to engineer your own launch!

Serving the People Who Serve the World

April 2nd, 2021 by INMED
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Dr. Khalid Eddahiri, upper left in this photo and Humanitarian Health Conference participant, describes his job as “Serving the people who serve the world”.  Since  2008, Dr. Eddahiri leads the United Nations as the Medical Desk Officer for UN Agencies, Funds and Programs. He worked primarily in West and East Africa providing support to 43 field clinics, 10 UN Peacekeeping clinics, and over 700 individual healthcare workers – as well as playing an integral role in aiding the UN’s response to the Ebola crisis.  In 2012, Dr. Eddahiri became the Chief Medical Officer for the UN Nations Mission to Libya during the aftermath of the NATO campaign.  Dr. Khalid Eddahiri already had extensive experience serving the medical needs of  impoverished communities but assessed that INMED’s Professional Certificate would add knowledge that would benefit his passion in bringing quality health care to at-risk populations.


During his time at an INMED Training Site in war-torn Yemen, Dr. Eddahiri provided key insight into the operations and management of the clinic and improved the Mass Casualty and Medical Evacuation Plan – all while creating an extensive gap analysis and health support plan. Dr. Eddahiri also treated patients daily and offered second opinions on complex cases presented to the training site. In Yemen it also came to Dr. Eddahiri’s attention that there were no female physicians serving. Dr. Eddahiri was passionate that the clinic must strive to add female staff and stated, “The most important requirement,” he says, “is communication and cultural awareness. We cannot in 2020 deploy a full clinic in a Muslim country composed with males only. That is not acceptable and offending.” After bringing this to the attention of the staff, the clinic became committed to better female representation and the issue was corrected by hiring a woman as the Chief of Medicine.


Dr. Eddahiri will be taking part in the Humanitarian Health Conference on June 11-12. Please join us, virtually or in-person, and sample his passion to bringing justice to persecuted medical professionals who often face death and destruction by choosing to serve impoverished and war-torn communities.

Who Is The Most Famous Person In Global Health?

March 26th, 2021 by INMED
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Who is the most famous person in global health? The question is ironic. By nature,  global health volunteers are largely self-sacrificing and self-effacing. No one enters this field to become wealthy or famous. Nevertheless, inspiring personalities occasionally gain notoriety not through any intention of their own, but through dedicated service. One such man is James Fyffe, RN, MSN – plenary speaker at this year’s Humanitarian Health Conference!


James is a native of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. He lived several years in El Salvador, Central America, serving as a youth pastor. Then, James completed nursing school at Rockhurst University and also earned a master’s degree in nursing education. In 2014 at the Humanitarian Health Conference James met personnel from Bach Christian Hospital in Pakistan. The following year, he and wife Rosie, along with their three children, moved to Pakistan where James taught nursing school through 2019. James often speaks of his desire to combine healthcare, his faith, and his Spanish and Urdo language abilities to make a spiritual and physical impact among people in need. Says James, “I love the opportunity to serve and help others, and INMED has given me the chance to use my talents, abilities and education to do just that.”


Please join James Fyffe and a slate of inspiring leaders at the Humanitarian Health Conference on June 11-12. Participate online or come in-person to Kansas City, and be inspired!


Treating Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Honduras

March 19th, 2021 by INMED
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Eduardo Navarro is no stranger to international healthcare nor serving marginalized communities. Born in Cuba and moving to Venezuela and Uruguay before immigrating to the USA, Eduardo observed the inequality that impoverished people so often face. After a stint working with rural, impoverished communities in Venezuela, Eduardo knew he wanted to pursue a career that focused on bringing quality medical care to all people. This passion led him to become an INMED Master’s Degree in International Health (MIH) learner, which includes a robust, service-learning experience.”


Eduardo Navarro selected Clinic Esperanza on Roatan Island, Honduras. Serving at one of the very few medical facilities on the island during a worldwide pandemic and after two major hurricanes, is not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, Eduardo Navarro leaned into serving the community, treating many patients who were suffering from the psychological effects of the Covid-19 pandemic; namely anxiety and depression. Roatan Island is heavily dependent on international tourism and its economy was hit especially hard. “There is a strong relationship between poverty and poor health,” he explains. “Poverty brings poor health, and Poor health, in turn, traps communities in poverty.” Drawing on his prior study at INMED and his past experience with mental health, Eduardo gave several  presentations to educate the staff on how to treat mental health illnesses and how to close the gaps between health and poverty.


During his time at Clinica Esperanza, Eduardo experienced the challenge of adapting medical treatment to whatever limited medications and skilled staff were available. He observes, “I learned how to handle certain endemic health conditions of the island, was able to exchange experiences and knowledge about my specialty, and above all feel the satisfaction of reaching those in need.”