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Why Go To An In-Person Conference Anymore?

With virtual conferences the norm since 2020, why bother with traveling in-person to such events? The question is compelling because travel can be costly and require attention to logistics. But virtual participants report feeling a little bored and especially miss the most compelling reasons of face-to-face conferences: quality interaction with colleagues and hands-on skill acquisition.

The Humanitarian Health Conference is just such an opportunity! In Kansas City MO on Thursday, 5pm, to Fri, 5pm, May 30-31, we have assembled inspiring presenters whom you will want to meet in-person, including:

  • Mike Chupp, surgeon who served 20 years at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya and today leads the Christian Medical Dental Associations.
  • Roxanne Jones, nurse leader at Global Care Force who oversees deployment of medical volunteers domestically and internationally, including Ukraine.
  • Diane Petrie, family nurse practitioner at Children’s Mercy Hospital who serves young people with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

You can also enjoy face time with humanitarian service organizations with whom you may want to serve. Skip simply scrolling from website to website. Rather, come explore opportunities for you, both local and international, among representatives like:

  • Hope Family Care Center, providing primary care on Kansas City’s distressed east side.
  • Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope, a beacon of compassionate healthcare amid chaos in Haiti.
  • Blessings International, offering quality medications and medical supplies for healthcare charities around the globe.

Just watching videos is insufficient for learning some important technical skills. For two days prior to the HHC, INMED is offering hands-on skill courses in:

Register for 15% off using coupon code “INMED15”. Students, register for just $20 using coupon code “equip20”. Please note: This scholarship is only for medical students and first-time undergraduate students. Please register using your school-issued email address.

Why go to an in-person conference anymore? Because you just cannot replicate online the warmth of face-to-face interaction and the quality of learning hands-on skills like you can at the Humanitarian Health Conference!

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