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Seven Years An Al-Qaeda Captive

Friday, May 19th, 2023 |

  “I’m already giving you all I can,” was his reply to a man begging at the house. As a young doctor, I was with SIM in the world’s very poorest nation: Burkina Faso, West Africa. It was Ken Elliot speaking, an Australian physician living and serving in Burkina since 1972. In his austere, desert […]

Who Are The 2023 INMED Award Winners?

Friday, May 5th, 2023 |

  Healthcare for forgotten people is punctuated by professionals who inspire their younger associates to consider similar careers. INMED is honored to recognize such quality professionals by announcing these recipients of the INMED Awards at the 2023 Humanitarian Health Conference, June 9-10 in Kansas City, Missouri.   Introducing David Vanderpool, 2023 International Medicine Award recipient. […]

Can You Correctly Care For These Three Patients?

Friday, April 14th, 2023 |

  Low-resource, cross-cultural healthcare will test your skills to the extreme. Begin by eliminating the options of comprehensive laboratory testing, advanced imaging, or even specialty consultations. Would you be able to care for these three patients correctly?   1. You are volunteering at a safety net clinic in Oklahoma City and seeing Erasto – a […]

How Skilled Are You To Care For “The Least Of These”?

Saturday, April 1st, 2023 |

  Last Sunday, many readers of this blog commemorated the historic entrance of Christ into the city of Jerusalem. During those ensuing days, Christ spoke passionately about eternity’s most compelling truths. He knew that within a few precious days he would be arrested, tortured, executed – and then return once again to physical life. Of what […]

Who Is The Most Famous Musician In International Health?

Friday, March 17th, 2023 |

  Albert Schweitzer is one of international health’s most fascinating personalities. Born in on the border between France and Germany in 1875, by age 30 Schweitzer distinguished himself with advanced accomplishments in theology, philosophy and music. Most notably, Schweitzer transposed Bach’s renowned compositions from orchestra to organ, and traveled throughout Europe with the Paris Bach […]

50,000 Deaths in Turkey-Syria Earthquake – Immediate and Long-Term Response

Friday, March 3rd, 2023 |

  The earth would occasionally rumble under my feet as a child living with my grandmother in Greece. We ran outside of her brick home; fearful it would collapse and kill us. One month ago, just 400 miles away in Turkey and Syria, earthquakes did indeed collapse thousands of homes, instantly killing 50,000 people – […]

Jimmy Carter, Guinea Worm, and Human Disease Eradication

Friday, February 17th, 2023 |

Last week, Jimmy Carter – 39th US President 1977-1981 – entered hospice care at age 98. Post-presidency, Carter focused his energies on distinguished humanitarian pursuits: launching Habitat for Humanity, negotiating cessation of international conflicts, instructing biblical truths, and leading the march to eradicate a human infection.   Dracunculiasis, or Guinea worm infection, is a parasitic disease […]

Dental Care in Kenya by Caren Abraham – INMED Grad in Action

Friday, February 3rd, 2023 |

“Over the last year and one-half I have set foot in four continents, been a part of five conferences, lost a few team mates, welcomed others, and spoken languages I haven’t used in years. Captured below is a summary of the last few months in pictures. May you be blessed to see what the Lord […]

Present Your Poster at the Humanitarian Health Conference!

Friday, January 20th, 2023 |

  What great advances in international health have resulted from research? Measles vaccine, HIV drugs, malaria bed nets, tobacco controls, basic newborn resuscitation, to name a few. But profound international health challenges remain that can only be vanquished through continued scientific investigation. Some of these challenges include the quests for more effective tuberculosis vaccines, successful […]

Who Has The Very BEST Healthcare?

Friday, January 6th, 2023 |

  This provocative question evokes sentiments of national pride, social justice, and personal experiences. It’s also a pivotal question, influencing the design and resources for healthcare. A compelling follow up to “Who has the very best healthcare?” is to clarify, “By what criteria shall we judge quality of healthcare?” Consider the following benchmarks:   Cost. Health […]