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Do International Health Credentials Really Matter?

Friday, August 25th, 2023 |

  “You plan to work in Africa?” questioned the health education professional at my interview. His tone was decidedly skeptical. “Then why first do medical residency training? Why don’t you just go now?” This attitude is not isolated. Throughout our health professions is the pervasive image that healthcare for people of lesser means should not […]

Who Earned The 2023 Cross-Cultural Healthcare Service Award?

Friday, August 11th, 2023 |

  The INMED Cross-Cultural Healthcare Service Award recognizes one who demonstrates care and concern for culturally diverse communities and who gives selflessly of time and resources for their benefit.   The 2023 INMED Cross-Cultural Healthcare Service Award recipient is Julie Rosé. Dr. Rosé and her husband raised four children and practiced family medicine for 24 […]

Could YOU Earn an INMED Graduate Diploma in International Health?

Friday, July 28th, 2023 |

  What should be our expectations for healthcare concerning those who are low-income, minorities, disabled, or elderly? What about medical needs of people who are refugees, migrants, chronically ill, or victims of disaster or military conflict? Wouldn’t we aim to respond with  compassion and excellence?   To this end, could YOU qualify to earn an […]

Who Won The 2024 INMED National Healthcare Service Award?

Friday, July 14th, 2023 |

  Many health care professionals within their own nations are sacrificing personal comfort to care for their neglected neighbors. The award recipients are role models in providing health care for their own people.   The 2023 INMED National Healthcare Service Award recipient is Dale Agner. A United States Air Force physician with 25 years of […]

Student Indebtedness Is Epidemic. What Is INMED’s Solution?

Friday, June 30th, 2023 |

  “I really want to serve vulnerable people, but I am sooo in debt from student loans!” It’s the most frequent barrier I hear from well-intended healthcare professionals. Today’s graduating medical student typically owes $200,000. Bachelor’s of nursing graduates owe $40-$60,000. Nurse practitioners graduate with an average of $154,000 in debt. Pharmacy grads $170, 000, […]

2023 INMED International Medicine Award Recipient: David Vanderpool

Saturday, June 24th, 2023 |

  This award recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to health in developing nations. Award recipients have demonstrated uncommon dedication and endurance in pursuit of this cause.   The 2023 INMED International Medicine Award recipient is David Vanderpool. A general surgeon originally from Dallas, Dr. Vanderpool’s early career was punctuated by service during Hurricane […]

Post-Covid Global Health

Friday, June 2nd, 2023 |

  “My child, he’s coughing, has fever, and stop eating!” This young mother in Angola, Africa held in her arms a four-year-old. His fast breathing, dry mouth, and somnolent countenance alarmed me. The year was 2020. Was her boy suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis? Could it be Covid-19? At the beginning of the pandemic, many […]

Seven Years An Al-Qaeda Captive

Friday, May 19th, 2023 |

  “I’m already giving you all I can,” was his reply to a man begging at the house. As a young doctor, I was with SIM in the world’s very poorest nation: Burkina Faso, West Africa. It was Ken Elliot speaking, an Australian physician living and serving in Burkina since 1972. In his austere, desert […]

Who Are The 2023 INMED Award Winners?

Friday, May 5th, 2023 |

  Healthcare for forgotten people is punctuated by professionals who inspire their younger associates to consider similar careers. INMED is honored to recognize such quality professionals by announcing these recipients of the INMED Awards at the 2023 Humanitarian Health Conference, June 9-10 in Kansas City, Missouri.   Introducing David Vanderpool, 2023 International Medicine Award recipient. […]

Can You Correctly Care For These Three Patients?

Friday, April 14th, 2023 |

  Low-resource, cross-cultural healthcare will test your skills to the extreme. Begin by eliminating the options of comprehensive laboratory testing, advanced imaging, or even specialty consultations. Would you be able to care for these three patients correctly?   1. You are volunteering at a safety net clinic in Oklahoma City and seeing Erasto – a […]