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Why Empower Others With Your Hard Earned Skills?


Progress in health requires skilled personnel who will multiply into others their knowledge and experience. This principle is also vital to creating sustainability within low-resource communities. One heartening example of empowering others is the new Family Medicine Residency Program at CEML Hospital in Angola – a nation with very sparse post graduate learning opportunities.


But skill transfer from one healthcare professional to another is frequently inadequate and inefficient. Being a professional expert is no guarantee of also being a good teacher – phenomenon that many of us observed during our own education. This spring, INMED introduces the Professional Certificate in International Health Professions Education – a course to equip healthcare professional with concepts and methods of effective learning and teaching that will improve their ability to help younger healthcare professionals to carry forward these hard earned skills.


Created by James Fyffe, a nurse educator from Bach Christian Hospital in Pakistan and today at Kansas University Medical Center, this comprehensive course is made up of 8 weeks of structured online learning, and also earns two hours of academic credit towards the Professional Master’s Degree in International Health. Moreover, prepared in this way, graduates will better equip their trainees to build resilience within our worlds most marginalized communities.

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