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Launching Your International Healthcare Career


Many healthcare professionals begin their careers with virtuous visions of serving forgotten people. As they advance, however, this focus often becomes diverted. In Launching Your International Healthcare Career, Nicholas Comninellis illuminates a tested path in this laudable journey. He begins with an appeal to apply principles of wise decision making – prayer, weighing pros and cons, soliciting advice, ample patience – with the promise that the quality of one’s decisions can indeed improve.


Next, Dr. Comninellis analyzes career-oriented choices, including the selection of a professional specialty, a community to serve, a sending organization, and language learning needs. These he approaches in light of the particular career challenges connected serving forgotten people: unusual diseases, minimal resources, and challenging cultures. Personal decisions are then explored, including money management, personal health, and family relationships, and legal guidance. Finally, Launching Your International Healthcare Career ends with an appeal for healthcare professionals follow through with their original virtuous passion.


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