November 15th, 2014 by Dennis Salter

In a word, that’s what makes it so refreshing to wake up each day here in Ghana.  From the time I walk to the hospital to the time I go home, I am greeted by the smiles, laughs, and energy of the children.  They love to say “hi” and “bye”!  And they do that with gusto!  Throughout the day, I am asked to consult and give feedback into a patient’s presentation or a procedure that must be done.  It has been such a wonderful atmosphere to learn and to teach!  I can honestly say this has been a highlight in my life and I will miss life in Ghana.


Even though cholera and malaria visit often, there is great success and immediate gratification on a daily basis as you bring people through the acute phase of these illnesses.  Cholera comes on fast and furious and can be fatal.  Sadly, we have lost one since I have been here.  Malaria is so common, and, it too is a serious illness, especially in children.  The list is long with the number of children with hemoglobins of less than 4.0.  We transfuse when less than this or when the patient is so symptomatically anemic.  Sadly, we have lost one 4 month old to malaria.  But again, overall, we have great victories.  I only wish we could treat more than we do.