Arrived At Duncan Hospital

June 6th, 2007 by INMED

I’m sorry. Did I say 20 hour train ride? I meant 27! It was a long, crowded time to go without hearing any English. The people were very hospitable even on the train. I was offered many cups of chai and begged to try their Indian sweets and samosas. Bihar is good so far. I got in last night.


Today has been a general orientation of the campus, which is actually much more impressive than I had expected. There’s a lot going on here. I’m going to spend the rest of the week in the surgical ward, next week in pediatrics, the next week in the community health projects, and some time in OB/GYN and ophthomology as well, and then settle in wherever I’m most interested after that. I’ve already seen quite a bit just wandering around today. I’m very glad I was delayed in Delhi a couple of extra days. It gave me a little extra time to absorb some of the cultural norms and practices.


I think empowering and educating women will have a lot to do with improving the future of these people. This is a culture where children and women are very dependent on men. If a woman does not have a father or a husband or a son to take care of her, she is pretty much powerless here. It will be interesting to see how they percieve me. Anyway, on a lighter note, the cook here is notoriously grumpy. I was warned well in advance. I’m quite pleased though. He’s either smiling at me or laughing at me, but either way, at least he’s not being surly. I’ve already been invited to two houses for tea. The first was an eccentric old man who is a patient here. Neither one of us understand a thing the other is saying, but we were thoroughly entertained with each other. The second was Dr. Helen, an optholomologist here. I’m excited to meet with her. She is the senior doctor here, having been here for 30 years. Enough yammering though. I must go have some tea before the 6:00 faculty meeting.