Day One

July 10th, 2016 by INMED

I arrived in Entebbe last night around 11 I think. We’re 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the States, so I have been a little off-balance the last few days. Mostly there has been two times – day time and night time. Hitched a ride to Kiwoko this morning – rode on the back of a motorbike with some chickens and part of a sofa most of the way, then walked a while before a pickup took me the rest of the way. I was in the back with a goat and part of what I assumed to be an unrelated sofa. Just kidding – I had a ride, arranged for by the hospital, from my hotel in Entebbe to Kiwoko, but I know my Mom is going to read this and it is fun to imagine her reaction. I bumped into two medical students from the UK and a family in the guest house upon arrival – the students departed shortly after lunch, but the family is hanging around till Monday morning. Played soccer with one of their boys and the boy of another doc working here. Final score was 13 – 9 bad guys, rematch scheduled for tomorrow. They said if I lose tomorrow I have to ‘poo and wee’ in the front yard for all to see, at which point I went all Drogo from Rocky IV – “I must break you.” Planning on running up the score to send a message.


Tania, the staff person I had been in contact with via email, gave me a tour of the grounds and facilities. Some things that are quite different from back home: no private rooms, lots of open air, and patients are cared for (with regards to bathing, feeding, etc) by family members. Alliteration aside, I’m sure I will encounter myriad more differences Monday morning. Came back after the tour and bummed around a while, unpacked my things, ate some cereal for dinner, then had some tea and ginger snaps while I studied. Will probably get some more studying (and ginger snaps) in tonight. Looking forward to a pretty low key weekend with plenty of reading, coffee, and soccer. Go France! Speaking of…


Quote of the day: “Alfred De Musset was a Frenchman, a poet, and he lived in the 19th century. Hence, he had all the major risk factors for acquiring syphilis, which he compliantly did.”