Arrival in Roatan

September 27th, 2023 by Dara Garces
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Finally, my long-awaited journey has begun.  It was a stressful and rough start but puttered along, nevertheless.  Preparing for the journey took longer than I expected.  I spent the week prior doing some last-minute errands and picking up more things I figured I would need.  I was fortunate enough to be blessed with donations by my family and a few of my sister’s colleagues.  I can always count on my sister to rally the troops.  With the donations came the difficulty of trying to finagle all of the supplies into two suitcases as well as my personal belongings.  Alas, I was never good at Tetris and once again, it was my sister to the rescue.  She is a magician at packing.  As much as I wanted to keep the luggage to two, I had to add a third one and all of the bags were at the weight limit of 75 pounds.  It was not fun lugging them around.  Unfortunately, due to mechanical issues with the airplane, I missed my connecting flight in Miami, and I was not able to leave the country on Monday as I had anticipated.  I was able to get on a flight today but as a standby customer which also meant no check luggage once I land.  Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.  Today is my birthday and seeing such a beautiful landscape as the plane approached the runway was a beautiful blessing.  Technically my month-long rotation does not start until October, but I will be participating in the Learn and Serve INMED conference Sept 28th-October second.  I have great anticipation and expectation for those few days.   My birthday dinner at the Blue Roatan was simple but delicious.  I treated myself to three carne tacos and vanilla flan for dessert.  I have to say the flan was better than a birthday cake.  The views from the restaurant were lovely.  It was a perfect end to a long day.

A view of Roatan as the plane approached the runway

Aerial view

Blue Roatan tacos

Tacos from the Blue Roatan

Birthday vanilla flan from the Blue Roatan

A beautiful view from the Blue Roatan



Introducing Myself

September 11th, 2023 by INMED
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Hello! My name is Dara Garces. I am a practicing PA, and I’m starting my INMED service-learning experience at Clinica Esperanza in Honduras beginning in October 2023.