Second Week At Loma de Luz

September 2nd, 2014 by jamesnorman

hospital_loma_de_luz_honduras_toucanI am well into my second week at Loma de Luz and have gradually settled in reasonably well.  I am reminded a lot of intern year at a new hospital, trying to learn where things are, what medicines are available, who to talk to make things happen.  Except now, all of these frustrations are compounded by the fact that my Spanish is a lot rustier than I anticipated it being.   Even that is improving, albeit much more slowly than I would like.


It seems that I was somewhat disillusioned, and inappropriately intimidated, by the thought that almost every case that I saw would be tropical medicine related.  Much to the contrary, I have almost completely been performing routine primary care of non-exotic viral illness, arthritis, hypertension, and asthma.  With each passing day, I become a little less anxious when I hear my name called to the ER to evaluate a patient.


One thing that has become abundantly clear to me is the fact that I chose well when I decided to become a family medicine physician.  I have been able to comfortably offer a wide range of services and techniques to an equally wide range of patients.  Whether it’s simple reassurance that a child’s viral rash will resolve or performing a digital block and removing an  infected and necrotic toenail, I feel very comfortable and confident in what have been able to provide for those seeking care at LDL.


My mission sponsors continue to show love in abundance, welcoming me into their homes and providing me with the occasional home cooked meal and card game.  Those kind gestures help to keep homesickness at bay.  The view of the Caribbean Sea does hurt either.