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2005 INMED Graduation

DSCN0309Six medical students from the Universities of Missouri and Kansas Schools of Medicine completed the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Diploma during the 2004-05 academic year. Erika Kloepfel served for a month at Hospital Evangelico in Honduras. Jennifer Rathburn, Chrissy VanDillen, Diana Atashroo and Lisa Roark studied at Nilerigu Baptist Medical Center in Ghana.


To date INMED has enrolled 25 medical students and resident physicians for the Diploma in International Medicine for the 2005-06 academic year. They will complete a core didactic study of international health issues, diseases of poverty, cross-cultural skills and health leadership, and serve for 1-2 months at an INMED training site in Asia, Africa or Central America.


To date, INMED’s most popular training site is the Baptist Medical Center in Ghana. Baptist Medical Center has capacity for 120 inpatients, is usually full, and occasionally runs as high as 150 percent capacity. At the height of malaria season there may be up to 60-70 kids in the 18-bed pediatric ward. The Center also provides a public health service that sponsors rural clinics where villagers receive immunizations, health teaching, prenatal clinics and under five clinics. The hospital was started in 1958 by Dr. Georg Faile Jr. with support of the International Mission Board, SBC.

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