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Dreams Fulfilled In Cameroon

cartwright-paulPaul Cartwright has long dreamed of serving in Africa. Now, as a medical student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, Paul’s dream is becoming reality. He is scheduled to study at Banso Baptist Hospital in Cameroon, West Africa, in January and February, 2006.


“At the beginning of med school I had the opportunity to do ophthalmology work with at team in Haiti. We took out cataracts and prescribed glasses for hundreds of people who were basically blind before we came. The experience totally transformed me. Medicine is a great way to serve people, and almost no needy country will turn doctors away. I’m excited to go study in Cameroon now that I have more skills to share. After finishing my medical training I can see myself integrating medical missions throughout my career.”


Banso Baptist Hospital is a full-service facility with a daily census of 300 patients. Outpatient services include the entire range of family medicine, including prenatal care and well-child care. Banso Baptist Hospital is part of a network that includes 23 health centers, a nursing school, and a village health worker training program. Banso Baptist Hospital is also part of the Pan-African Association of Christian Surgeon’s residency program.

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