INMED Adds New Training Site In Papua New Guinea

September 1st, 2006 by INMED

Drs Calvert Hankins


Students, residents and attending physicians who apply for the INMED International Medicine Certificate frequently seek out opportunities to study in the most underserved locations on earth. In light of this fact, INMED is pleased to announce two new training sites in Papua New Guinea. Kapuna Hospital and Kikori Hospital are both in remote areas on the southwest peninsula of Papua New Guinea (PNG) – the island nation just north of Australia. This is an area marked by dense jungle and river deltas, and yet it is also home to tens of thousands of native people who have little or no access to medical care.


Kapuna and Kikori Hospitals are administrated by Gulf Christian Services, a charitable organization. Today they have 50 and 70 beds respectively, and are normally filled to capacity with those suffering from typhoid fever, malaria, TB, HIV and obstetrical complications. Injuries from crocodile attacks, snakebites and machete wounds are also commonly treated. About 300 deliveries are performed each year. The outpatient clinics are busy providing antenatal checkups, immunizations, well childcare and TB treatment. Community health activities include malaria prevention through mosquito net distribution, and a comprehensive AIDS/HIV awareness program.


Both hospitals provide ideal training opportunities for health professionals who are interested in exploring medical missions, for education is an integral part of both health ministries. Medical students from the Port Moresby Medical School regularly serve at these sites, as do students in the Community Health Worker (CHW) training school. Medical students and physicians will get as much hands on experience, as they are comfortable with, and often are first on call with the doctor on standby. Opportunities for other health professionals are also available. Individuals who are interested in training in Papua New Guinea are invited to apply for the INMED International Medicine Certificate Program.