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Feeling Inspired? Now Take The Next Step



Many healthcare professionals are enamored over the possibility of serving the poorest of the poor. But what steps follow this vision? First: equip yourself with the essential professional, cross-cultural and personal skills. Your transition from functioning in a community of affluence to one of poverty demands unique, new abilities. Second: join forces with other like-hearted individuals. Superb service organizations are already at work, they would benefit from your participation and would likely make your own efforts more effective.


INMED exists to assist individuals like yourself take these next steps. On May 29-30 a capacity crowd of 393 participated in the Exploring Medical Missions Conference held at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where this year’s theme was Fighting The Diseases Of Poverty. Furthermore, at this moment 33 healthcare professionals are also equipping themselves thru the INMED International Medicine Intensive Course. This two-week curriculum is designed to prepare these students representing six nationalities with the academic fundamentals of global health. As an additional benefit, they also are enjoying the influence of some of the most significant teachers and leaders in the field today. A supervised clinical experience in international medicine and/or public health is a priceless complement to such academic study in the field. INMED offers such experiences through the INMED Diploma programs.


Precious are those individuals who can transform a vision into action – especially a vision from which they can expect no financial gain. And priceless are the rewards of a life well lived on behalf of those people in greatest deprivation.

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