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A ‘Normal’ Doctor’s Schedule – Ghana Day 9

Pediatrics admissions Ghana


Just a typical day at Ghana’s Baptist Medical Center: This morning I arrived find to 27 new patients admitted to the pediatrics ward by the nurses overnight! That’s 27 kids with malaria, sepsis, pneumonia, dehydration, all on top of chronic malnutrition. Next up, I rounded on 55 adults with snake bite, malaria, tuberculosis, bone infections, nasty open fractures, and liver failure. At mid day the head nurse scurried up from Labor & Delivery, compelling me to perform a Caesarian section for a lady with fetal distress. Meanwhile the nurse practitioners had been saving up ‘special cases’ all day, and presented me with 40 outpatient consults. Some of the language barriers are so dense we need three different translators to arrive at English – the national language of Ghana. But 6 pm, we’re just in time to start evening rounds!

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