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INMED’s 2010-2011 theme: “From Rescue To Resilience”

From Rescue To Resilience


Disasters and ongoing deprivation mark the first years of this new century. Just consider Haiti’s earthquake, Pakistan’s flood, Somalia’s war, and North Korea’s hunger. The heartening response from many is to donate our personal time, talent, and treasures to provide rescue and assistance to those in distress in the world’s most impoverished communities. But I’m convinced that we must move beyond the rescue mentality. “From Rescue To Resilience” is INMED’s theme drawing towards the 2011 Exploring Medical Missions Conference. We will be illuminating those interventions that actually build more resilient communities: economic development, improvements in basic literacy and education, and promoting proven effective health interventions. To build resilient communities we must also invest in equipping national healthcare personnel to provide for their own. Earthquakes, floods, and political crises are inevitable. Communities that are educated, economically growing, and staffed with skilled healthcare personnel can better withstand these challenges. Please join INMED this year in building resilience among the world’s most forgotten people.

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