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PharmD From INMED To Indian Health



“One thing’s for sure, my courses and experiences with INMED played a huge role in selecting me over other candidates that were interviewed for this highly competitive position. I’m forever grateful for that.” Joseph Muroka was a pharmacy student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City when he applied for the Diploma in International Medicine & Public Health. Joseph’s training included at stent at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya. “I had the opportunity to make a follow-up visit to a newborn of HIV infected parents. This was perhaps the climax of my clinical experience throughout that month. I had read studies of such fortunate children, however this was my first such real life experience. The mother was gracious to allow me to share their story.”


What is this new position for which Joseph Muroka is so qualified? Moreover, how can an American pharmacist apply the principles of global health to a career? Dr Muroka is now on staff with the United States Indian Health Service, serving one of the most disenfranchised subset of American citizens. “The position allows me to work as a public health ambulatory care pharmacist where a huge part of my duties will be to see patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, HTN, asthma, and those requiring anticoagulation, among others. I’m excited and thankful to God for this new opportunity to God for this opportunity to serve and give back!”

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