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INMED’s Largest Class of IMPH Students



November 22, 2015, thirty-three healthcare professionals were awarded the hard-earned INMED Academic Qualification in International Medicine & Public Health. The majority of participants were medical students at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, accompanied by physicians and nurses from as far away as British Columbia, Canada. They studied online for nine weeks in a highly structured learning experience to master the principles of diseases of poverty, low-resource HIV care, mother-newborn care, international public health, disaster management, cross-cultural skills, and health leadership. They then traveled to Kirksville MO for three days of in-person skill developing surrounding newborn resuscitation, complicated obstetrics, wound care, disaster triage, and community health surveying. What’s next? Look for these graduates to complement this credential with an INMED International Service Learning experience in a developing nation.

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