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INMED Grads 3+ Years Serving In Ghana


Tim and Lori Cahill were family medicine residents together at my alma mater: John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth TX. They also took part in the first INMED International Medicine & Public Health Hybrid Course hosted by JPSH in 2011. Since May 2014, the Cahills and their children Rebekah and Abigail have served at INMED’s Training Site in far northern Ghana, Baptist Medical Center.


Tim describes one especially memorable patient: “She had presented with two weeks of abdominal pain and then began vomiting profusely. Her abdomen was tender, mostly in the upper part, and she had a little bit of blood in her vomit. She then began having difficulty breathing and became less responsive. I found her blood sugar to >600mg/dL and concluded she had diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). We started treating her with IV fluids, IV insulin, serial urinalysis to check for ketones, and lots of prayer. Her DKA resolved a few days later and she began feeling well.


He also gives us a glimpse into his inspiration: “The hospital hosts morning devotions every day at 7AM for the hospital staff and for patients who may want to take part. I did not know about these devotions until recently, and in spite of utterly exhaustion from the workload I decided to make these devotions a priority in my routine. What an encouraging time to sing some spiritual songs, listen to a sermon, and interact with some hospital co-workers in a slightly different context than usual. Please pray that there would be a revival among us all to represent Christ well in how we live our lives, both inside and outside the hospital.”


I speak from personal experience: healthcare in northern Ghana is outrageously challenging. Would you like to share an encouraging word with the Cahills? Please grace Lori and Tim with a reassuring message.


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