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Bragging On My Colleague – Angola Day 32


Abundantly illustrative: Oscar Paulo and I, saying farewell at the International Airport in Lubango, southern Angola. I am returning to the US until I journey back next July. Oscar is soldiering on here in his home country.


Let me give you a glimpse into the character of Oscar Paulo: Professional. Oscar completed specialty training in gastroenterology in a nation where few physicians advance beyond a simply internship. Servant. Oscar as a volunteer lead a church-sponsored clinic in one of the capital city’s forsaken neighborhood, where he was both administrator and clinician. Visionary. Very deliberately, Oscar has gathered and mentored medical students from his home region to grow in their personal faith and their public intention to serve Angola’s neglected communities – in essence, reproducing himself many times over.


I hope that you, too, enjoy the privilege I have of working alongside people of such high character as Oscar Paulo!


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