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Howard Searle – 2016 INMED Cross-Cultural Healthcare Leadership Award Recipient

searle-howardThis award recognizes one who has made significant leadership contributions to bridging cultural gaps in healthcare services and has set an example for other leaders to emulate. The Institute for International Medicine is very proud to honor the 2016 INMED Cross-Cultural Healthcare Leadership Award Recipient: Howard Searle.


In 1965 – fully fifty-one years ago – this Canadian surgeon was on his way to Mukinge Hospital in Zambia with AEF – Africa Evangelical Fellowship. Discerning that Mukinge was too well-established for his intentions, Dr. Searle instead turned towards the unique needs of India. In 1965 the Indian government began rejecting visa requests of US healthcare personnel. But Canadians still enjoyed ready access.


In the critical years between 1969 and 74, Dr. Searle was part of the innovative team of Indian leaders who guided Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) from reliance on international staff and donors to becoming entirely self-sufficient. Since then, EHA has grown to become the world’s largest indigenous medical mission; self-governed, self-funded, and self-staff. Dr. Searle continued serving at their side until 2005, when he retired to become Executive Director of EHA’s United States affiliate, a role in which he continues to serve today.

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