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Scott Kujath – 2016 INMED International Medicine Award Recipient

kujath-scottThis award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to health in developing nations. Award recipients have demonstrated uncommon dedication and endurance in pursuit of this cause. The Institute for International Medicine is overjoyed to announce the 2016 INMED International Medicine Award Recipient: Scott Kujath.


Well known in Kansas City as an exceptional vascular surgeon, Dr. Kujath’s service reaches beyond the city’s borders. In cooperation with First Baptist Church of Raytown, Missouri, he leads the Mission of Hope Clinic, providing primary medical care and dental care to the region’s most under resourced people.


Dr Kujath also consistently serves in eastern Africa, both in providing direct medical care as well as pioneering in the innovative field of hospice and palliative care in connection with The Living Room, who provides quality of life for Kenyans affected by HIV-AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. Casting an effective vision for others to follow, Dr. Kujath has generous supported student scholarships for the INMED Conference since 2013.


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