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What Moves You?


What are the experiences that make you feel choked up, that suddenly captivate your attention, cultivate passion within you, that ignite your soul with power – experiences invigorate you with energy and vision? I ask because at this interval most of us all are reflecting on the previous year and preparing for the next, so identifying what moves you is especially relevant.


Some individuals, being more analytical in their approach to existential motivation, asking questions like How can I attain my financial goals? and What’s required to succeed at work/school? But the reality of human nature is that such single mindedness can be rather easily thwarted by a sale on a product they want to purchase or by the seduction of an extra appealing vacation day.


What truly moves you, regardless of whether a more analytical or more emotion person, has the power to focus and magnify both the energy and satisfaction of your life. Myself, I’m most powerfully moved by actions of bravery and compassion, like those captured in this recent photo of a refugee fleeing brutality passing his baby under a barbed wire fence on the Serbo-Hungarian border, highlighting Europe’s worst migrant crisis since World War II.



The powerful passions symbolized by similar actions lie at the foundation of my own service at INMED, in China and in Angola. What moves you? Identify this – refine it and steer it as necessary – and I believe that you too will realize greater energy and satisfaction in 2017.


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