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Aleppo Evacuation Ends With Thousands Ensnared


The situation within the Syrian city of Aleppo, in a word, complicated. This major Syrian city has been a flash point in the heath political/military conflict that has incinerated this nation since 2011. In recent weeks, government forces have made gains against opposition forces within Aleppo. Amid increasing carnage, world leaders successfully pressured both side to allow a ceasefire wherein both civilians and combatants could escape the certain death awaiting them in Aleppo’s dilapidated quarters.


This historic ceasefire and civil mobilization began yesterday with the arrival in Aleppo of ambulances and buses designated to transport tens of thousands of children, families, mothers, fathers, daughters and son away from the bulls-eye of military strategists. Yet just hours later the exodus was halted. A government communiqué stated, “All women and children in areas controlled by rebel fighters have been taken out,” and “all those who wished to had left the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.” Simultaneously, journalists and political observes decried the fact that thousands of non-combatants remained stranded within Aleppo.


Tomorrow, December 17, the United States will be observing arguably the busiest shopping day of the year. Let us all pause at least a moment to observe and intercede on behalf of these multitudes ensnared and lying within the cross hairs of death.


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