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INMED Faculty Serving Mosul, Iraq

Dr. Bob for five years mentored fortunate INMED learners at his island clinic in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Impressive! But today he writes from a M*A*S*H style field hospital on the outskirts of Mosul – stronghold of ISIS and scene of our world’s bloodiest battles over its liberation.


Caution. This is a graphic description… Dr. Bob writes, “The mangled bodies, children with missing legs and or arms, multiple bullet and mortar injuries were something I have never seen before. ISIS regularly shot even children in the back as they tried to escape from Mosul… Our staff poured out the love of our Brother upon these people and this love was often warmly received. Wounded children who had lost both parents in mortar attacks, parents who had lost children, families torn apart and fleeing the violence were comforted, their injuries treated amidst a safe and loving environment… I spent quiet times sitting in a bunker, a high blast wall on one side and sandbags on the other, listening to the fighting in the distance. It was a vivid illustration to me of the even more sinister spiritual battle ensuing, not only there, but throughout the world”


Dr. Bob, like most all INMED faculty, is deeply, reverently committed to bold compassion and action, regardless of hazard or geography. We are honored to be his co-laborers.


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